How to Use Fragrance Oils



  1. Put three capfuls of fragrance oils into a nice warm bath with bubbles. It helps you feel calm, relaxed and smell great.

  2. Mix a few drops of essential oil with warm water and you’ve got your own perfume.

  3. Mix fragrance oil with melted beeswax and olive oil and put it in the fridge – you end up with lip balm.

  4. Dip a toothpick into a bottle of essential oil and hold the toothpick over a small tealight candle. Let the essential oil drip onto the candle and repeat a couple of times. When you light the candle a scent will spread throughout the room.

  5. Sniff essential oils to feel calm and relaxed. This especially helps before an exciting event or before a big test.

  6. Write a letter to your loved ones, and then dampen your fingers with an essential oil you think they would prefer. Spread the oil lightly over the paper so when they unfold it a scent will immediately greet their nostrils. Another way is to spread essential oil inside an envelope.

  7. Mix essential oil with glycerin, cornstarch and sodium bicarbonate and pack into a mould for your own fizzy bath bombs.

  8. There are many other ways to use fragrance oils. Experiment with your own ideas.