Knowing the Difference Between Perfume Oils and Perfume

Perfume and fragrances have been around for many years and have continued to enjoy popularity. However, there continues to be confusion among many as to what the proper terminology is when it comes to this subject. It never hurts to gain more knowledge about the topic, especially if you love fragrances and want to know as much as you can about them.


The trouble many have when it comes to perfume in general is that they get the terms “perfume” and “perfume oils” mixed up. Perfume itself is a mixture of alcohol and concentrated oils. Perfume is widely distributed in large department stores and boutique stores across the world. The way they are developed, created and sold is slightly different than that of perfume oils.


We all know what perfume is but what about perfume oils? The thing about perfume oils is that they can be made of either fragrance oils or essential oils. However, fragrance oils tend to be more favorable because of its ability to capture the true aroma. Perfume oils have a much higher concentration (up to ten times more) than the perfumes found in department stores. Having a higher concentration allows the scent to last much longer. While perfumes contain alcohol for different scents, perfume oils contain what are called “carrier oils” such as grapeseed oil or jojoba oil instead of alcohol. With regular perfumes, the alcohol tends to evaporate over time, which can cause your high-priced perfume to smell differently and even stale. On the other hand, perfume oils have scents that stay at full force over longer periods of time. This makes it easier for you to wear your favorite scent for months, maybe even a year or so.


In terms of use, perfumes and perfume oils are also slightly different. Perfumes are mainly used on the body and special areas such as behind the ears, neck, back of the knees, etc. Perfume oils are used in just about everything from air fresheners and soaps to bath oils and candles. A drastic difference between perfume oils and perfume is the price. As we all know, some fragrances can be pretty steep when it comes to how much they cost. This is mostly because of all the effort and manpower it takes to create, manufacture, package, promote and distribute. However, with perfume oils, they are often sold at very affordable – if not downright cheap – prices. The packaging is simpler and less fancy, which also accounts for its lower price.


If you’re thinking about trying perfume oils, you’ve got a lot of places to look. Many websites online are dedicated to selling perfume oils – some even offer the opportunity to make your own perfume oil, which is then mixed by the company and shipped to your home. There are also specialty stores that sell perfume oils.