About Our Oils

Our oils are of the finest quality. Each bottle of oil contains 100% PURE CONCENTRATED PERFUME/COLOGNE OIL(NO ALCOHOL OR WATER) that compares to the fragrances they represent. We have no affiliation, whatsoever, with any name brand fragrances mentioned on our website. We only mention the name brands on our site for comparison purposes only.

Designer brand perfumes and colognes consist of 15%-30% concentrated fragrance oil compound and 75%-85% alcohol & water. Alcohol will make the oil evaporate 10-15 times more quickly and will also dry out your skin. Adding alcohol gives the impression that the perfume is considerably stronger than it actually is. That is why, when you first put on a commercial fragrance, the aroma may sometimes seem overwhelming to those around you and then the scent fades dramatically within two hours.

Please, DO NOT compare our oils to cheap quality fragrance oils. Perfume and Cologne oils vary tremendously in quality. The oil has to carry the SAME NOTES as in the original designer for it to have the same scent, and there has to be a HIGH PERCENTAGE of Concentrated Fragrance compound in the oil to make it STRONG. A 1.25 oz. bottle of concentrated fragrance oil will last MUCH LONGER than a large bottle of the actual designer perfume.